3 way too early predictions for the Browns in the 2022 NFL Season

By | June 17, 2022
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It’s been an exciting and confusing offseason for the Cleveland Browns. The front office has reeled in some exciting talent, but the franchise has faced backlash after trading for Deshaun Watson. Everything is up in the air for this club, as the team and the fanbase await the NFL’s punishment for the superstar quarterback. Despite that, we take a look at some of our way too early predictions for the Browns’ 2022 NFL season.

There are plenty of other reasons to be ecstatic with Cleveland’s roster. They’re stacked throughout and it’s time this organization makes a legitimate Super Bowl push. To do so, the Browns will need everyone to step up. For that reason, all eyes are on David Njoku, as he is in line to finally have a breakout season. If he can do that, then this offense should be rolling on all cylinders.

Meanwhile, the defense might be the strongest asset for the Browns. They have star talent throughout and the depth to go the distance. Myles Garrett has been a monster during his career and that shouldn’t stop anytime soon. Additionally, we take a shot to predict what will happen with Watson.

With that in mind, here are three, way too early predictions for the Browns’ 2022 NFL season.

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Browns Way Too Early Predictions For The 2022 NFL Season

3. David Njoku has the breakout season we’ve all been waiting for

After being an athletic freak in college, many were excited to see David Njoku at the professional level. However, his career hasn’t quite gone the way we expected but he now has the opportunity to make some noise in the 2022 season. The Browns just gave him a monster contract and he’s in line to be a top-three pass option in the offense.

For that reason, Njoku should be featured often throughout the year. Cleveland is likely to be a run-first team, as usual, so it’ll be interesting to see how the passing game comes alive in the 2022 season. Regardless, look for the Browns to feed David Njoku with or without Deshaun Watson under center.

2. Myles Garrett makes a serious run for Defensive Player of the Year

He is arguably the best defensive player in the league, as there aren’t many players putting up similar numbers as Myles Garrett. He’s been a wrecking ball on the defensive line and is likely going to continue playing that way for years to come. However, the Browns may need their anchor to step it up this season, especially considering how well the AFC North is stacking up.

Garrett is going to be in the running for Defensive Player of the Year. He has a real chance at securing the title as he is the best player on the Browns’ defense. He has the ability to control the trenches and will receive some help from Jadeveon Clowney once again. Keep an eye on Myles Garrett, as he very well could have a career year in 2022.

1. Deshaun Watson is suspended for the entire 2022 NFL season

After the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, it was believed his future in the league was clearing up. However, since the trade, three more civil suits have been filed and a recent report found Watson had messaged 66 women in a 17-month time span asking for a massage. There is way too much smoke for there to not be a fire and the league is going to have to make a decision on his future soon.

With the situation continuing to get worse, it’s hard to imagine Deshaun Watson receiving a slap on the wrist. His public image is shot (and for good reason) and there doesn’t seem to be an end to this situation soon. The league is taking its time before making a decision and the longer Rodger Goodell waits, the more information will be released. If Watson is suspended for an entire season, Jacoby Brissett is the likely starting quarterback as the Browns have completely tarnished their relationship with Baker Mayfield. Keep tabs on Cleveland, as everything hangs in the balance of Watson’s punishment.

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